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The way real estate should be

We're not just any real estate company. We're the company that's focused on making real estate the best it can be. For every seller, buyer and agent.
Group of Upside real estate agents in discussion
August 2017
Dollars Saved
1899 Properties

Connecting real estate and technology

We love property but not the old way of selling it, so we came up with a new way. Great agents plus great technology equals a flat fee. It's better for our agents and it's better for you.
Michal Kot, Chief Technology Officer
Clever use of technology drives efficiency. We’ve worked together with our agents to develop sophisticated tools that drive the best experience and outcome for our vendors.
Michal Kot, Chief Technology Officer
James, Director of Sales
The connection between people and technology sets us apart. Our combination of dedicated agents and exceptional technology gives sellers complete transparency right through to settlement.
James Kirkland, Director of Sales
Catherine Halloran, Property Agent
My vendors love the transparent approach we have brought to real estate. With Upside they pay a lot less, yet the tech and support I receive means I can actually deliver a better service and a great price.
Catherine Halloran, Property Agent

We live on the upside so you can too

We always look for smarter and quicker ways to get things done. Our pricing is fair, so our customers end up with more of their hard earned money in their own pockets. That's how we all live on the Upside.
The Upside Team
We don't compete, we collaborate. It gets better results for our customers and more success for us. It's all upside.
We've built a technology platform that allows for complete transparency, so we all know where we stand.
Our experienced agents believe that being honest and ethical is more important than simply closing the sale.

We believe in integrity

It takes communication and transparency, as well as a great price, to make a happy seller. We keep our customers informed every step of the way.
Upside for sellers
With Upside our customers save money, but that doesn't mean less commitment to achieving a great price.
From the first meeting to the property being sold, Upside agents are keeping sellers well informed.
Upside in the media
Find out why the nation is talking about Upside, and catch some of our recent media features.
Adam Rigby, CEO
It is time for a change. We've made selling real estate simple, transparent and affordable. By rethinking the way property is sold, keeping what works and changing what doesn’t - we get you a great price, give fabulous service and charge a fair fee. It’s the way real estate should be.
Adam Rigby, CEO

We are game changers

Selling a property can cause a fair amount of stress, so we changed it up. By improving the process we get to sell more property and our customers get a better deal.
Photograph of Andrew Byrne
I'm proud to run a team with a proven record of customer satisfaction, because it's not just about saving money - it's about delivering results.
Andrew Byrne, Customer Experience Manager
Photograph of Nicholas Cooke
It’s great to see our customers truly enjoy the selling experience, something that is normally a very stressful journey. We’re in uncharted territory.
Nicholas "Cookie" Cooke, Senior Product Manager

How can we help you?

We can't solve all life's problems but if you need to sell your property, or you are an agent looking for a change, you have come to the right place.
Our support team