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The 2020 design trends we can’t wait to try

December 16, 2019 10:00 am by Upside

2019 design trends saw us embrace bold colours and gold accents, do things differently with asymmetrical shapes, get eco-friendly with sustainably sourced materials, take a trip back to the ‘50s and make the most of our spaces with multi-functional design.

But what does 2020 have in store for decorating styles and design trends? Here are some of the top interior design looks we’re most excited about.

Earthy tones

2020 is all about sophisticated warmth in the form of earthy hues. Think rich tones of ochre, sepia brown and sienna orange conjuring up images of the sun-scorched desert. The key colour of the moment is chartreuse – an earthy, punchy green that’s already making an appearance in décor like plush cushions, lamps and oversized statement pieces.


Velvet may be an acquired taste, but like it or not, it’s going to a big design trend in 2020. We’ll be seeing a crop of velvet furniture hit the market, especially sofas, ottomans and armchairs, as well as smaller accessories like cushions. If you want to add a dash of luxury and comfort to your home, velvet is your friend.

Colour-blocked decor

With its clean lines and bold shades, colour blocking is the perfect way to add instant personality to any room. In 2020, this retro-inspired decorating technique will come into play in wall art, pillows, lamps and even practical accessories like kitchenware. Inject some ‘60s mod flair into your space by strategically placing some colour-blocked accessories around the room.

Canopy beds

There’s something incredibly opulent about canopy beds – and we’re glad to see they’re going to be big in 2020. If you’re fully committed, transform your room into an oasis of style and comfort with a full four-poster canopy bed. Or, for the next best thing, layer light breathable fabrics and plush pillows on your ordinary bed for a lavish sleeping experience.

Floral wallpaper

Who says wallpaper died out in the ‘70s? We’re bringing it back in 2020 with floral designs, but not the sort of floral designs you’d see in your grandma’s house. We’re talking bold, contemporary patterns in vibrant and contrasting colours to make your walls pop. Botanical and tropical designs with a classic Miami vibe will also be big.

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