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5 home styling tips for summer to inspire you

December 7, 2020 10:00 am by Upside

With winter well behind us, it’s time to pack up the throw rugs, put away the heater and give your space a breath of fresh air. Whether you’re moving house, styling to sell your home or just looking for some summer inspiration, these five tips are the perfect salute to the warmer weather.


Before you get into the “styling” part of “home styling”, it’s best to start with a clean slate – and that means it’s time for some serious decluttering. Tidy up one room at a time and get rid of old bits and pieces you’ve had lying around. As queen of clean Marie Kondo says, if it doesn’t spark joy, it isn’t worth keeping.

Adopt some indoor plants

With the warmer temperatures and longer daylight hours, now is the perfect time to start nurturing some plants. Fiddle leaf fig, ivy and philodendron plants are ideal for indoors as they don’t require a huge amount of sunlight to produce impressive greenery. Just pop them near a sunny window (away from direct sunlight), water lightly once a week and you’re good to go! For added appeal, jazz them up with a colourful plant holder or decorative stand.

Switch out your snuggly accessories

You may not have much use for that woollen blanket or faux-fur throw anymore, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get cosy even when it’s warm outside. Think light and airy and layer up with a feather-light touch, focusing on breathable fabrics like cotton, linen and bamboo. Stick to a light colour palette in neutral tones or pastels for a fresh, summery feel.

Revamp your outdoor lighting

Nothing beats a balmy summer’s evening in the backyard, whether you’re entertaining friends or kicking back with a book and a glass of wine. Complete the outdoor ambience by stringing up some fairy lights, installing solar-powered garden lamps, or even making your own lamps out of tea lights and mason jars. Oh, and don’t forget your citronella candles to banish the mozzies!

Spritz summery scents

Summer home styling is about more than just the visuals. Tropical and citrusy scents like grapefruit and frangipani are perfect for setting the summery mood, and making your home smell nice can even help attract buyers if you’re selling. Match your candle holders and diffusers to each room for a customised look, and stick to one or two scents throughout your home so you don’t overwhelm.

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