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7 beautiful floral design ideas for your home

December 14, 2021 11:00 am by Upside

The art of floral arrangements (or ‘ikebana’) is practised around the world, and for good reason: flowers are affordable and can brighten up any environment, whether it’s a store, a garden, or for different rooms in your house.

With Spring already here, now is a great time to get inspired and think about refreshing the flower arrangements in your home. It doesn’t take countless flower arranging courses to bring the floral touch to your property - from beautiful fresh flowers like orchids and succulents, to artificial Australian native flowers, here are 8 simple and beautiful floral design ideas that will instantly transform your home.

1. Add simple floral arrangements to your shelves

shutterstock 1196629876 While shelves are great places to store books and display ornaments, they also serve as prime spots for simple floral arrangements. This is the perfect location to put orchids, tulips, or lavenders - just remember to keep the rest of the shelf simple to draw the eye to the stunning bouquet.

2. Brighten up your bathroom with easy-to-care for plants

istock-664709026 While many people don’t think of putting flowers in the bathroom, this can actually be prime flower and plant territory because there’s plenty of water there, which means you don’t need to remember to water the plants as regularly! Ferns, orchids, and evergreens can all thrive in your bathroom, but it’s best to keep your arrangements simple in the bathroom, and put them in a vase rather than a basket because of the moisture.

3. Put succulents in the middle of your dining table

istock-823507416 Succulents are easy to care for, and can also invigorate your dinners without being too much hassle. Rather than putting flowers on your dining table that need to be moved every time you want to see across the table, small succulents can make a great addition - and you could even consider adding a few tea light candles for an extra touch.

4. Add a spruce of colour with lemons in your vase

shutterstock 1325638130 If you have artificial Australian native plants like banksias or acacias in a glass vase, you can complement your existing arrangement by adding in lemons at the bottom of the vase. These can brighten up the subdued shades of native flowers, while also adding a fresh natural scent into your home.

5. Play with flower arrangements in vases of different heights and shapes

istock-1148854141[Image link:] One of the most simple and effective flower arrangement techniques involves playing with height, while using the same flowers. Buy tall, short, circular, and square flower arrangement vases that are the same colour, and put the same type of flower in them, whether it’s roses or baby’s breath. The final effect is a simple, but incredibly striking, floral design.

6. Go for the ombre effect

Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 10.00.50 am The ombre effect isn’t just for hair - it can also be a beautiful way to arrange flowers in your home! Ombre floral design is one of the easiest flower arrangement types, because all you need to do is have the same flower and same vase in different shades. Just make sure you have enough space to display it and for it to have the ‘wow’ effect - and keep the vases neutral to allow the different colours to take centre stage.

7. Opt for one stunning floral arrangement on the kitchen island

istock-462330735 While you can choose to have smaller flowers displayed in your kitchen and dining area, a bold lily arrangement is a great option if you’re looking for a bold contemporary touch. These are easy flowers to get a hold of, and the sheer size of lilies means they’ll stand out and draw any visitor’s eye. Don’t forget that a bold flower arrangement needs plenty of space to shine, so keep a minimalist aesthetic for the rest of the table if you’re going for this approach.

Finally, keep in mind that on top of being beautiful to look at, floral arrangements can also be a great hack if styling your property to sell. For more affordable DIY styling tips, take a look at our blog here.

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