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1920 home styles

Best home décor trends from the 1920s

May 4, 2020 9:00 am by Upside

As we make our way deep into 2020, we’re taking this chance to look back towards a time of excitement, of gorgeous fashion, and incredible design - the roaring 20s.

1920s home styles were quite different to what they are today, but vintage home decor from that era has become increasingly popular due to its iconic, eye-catching designs.

Whether you’re looking to create a Great Gatsby theme in your home, or simply want to introduce a little retro style to your living areas, here are the best antique home decor trends from the last 20s!

Mirrored furniture

The 1920s were nothing if not bold, and there are few design choices as bold as mirrored furniture.

Mirrored furniture
1920’s furniture was fiercely unique and pioneered a look that is distinct and incredibly elegant.

A mirrored dining table is a popular choice, as it adds a sense of glamour and sophistication to any room. It can also add extra light as it bounces illumination around the space, which also helps a room to feel larger than it really is.

If you’re not willing to make the jump to a piece of mirrored furniture, consider a large, statement mirror on the wall. Decorative mirrors were hugely popular in the typical Great Gatsby home, and can be a statement all on their own.

Metallics everywhere

Trends at the time focused on both minimalist style, but with a glamorous twist, and metallics were the perfect embodiment of the time.

From copper stand lamps to pewter wall art, many rooms added pops of eye-catching metallic materials and hues.

Today, rose gold is a warm and chic metallic hue that’s often seen in lamp shades, vases, and much more. Adding a few touches of any of these shimmering colours to your home will create an instant sense of vintage style.

Geometric shapes

Keeping with the bold trend, 1920s fashion was all about geometric shapes.

geometric shapes

This was evident in almost every element of vintage decor. Furniture made a statement with bold curved shapes, and wallpaper was often inspired by the geometric Art Deco trend of the time.

geometric pillows
Balance geometric shapes in a room with minimalist and simple designs in other areas.

Wall art, rugs, cushions, and other decorative pieces were also often geometric in style, although it’s important to note that having some bold, geometric shapes in a room were usually balanced out by minimalist and simple designs in other areas.

The sunburst design

Throughout the 1920s, the sunburst design was prevalent across Art Deco architecture, as well as in fashion, fine art, and of course, interior design.


If you’re looking to create a retro vintage home decor vibe, a sunburst here and there will help to bring everything together.

Stained glass windows with stylistic sun rays were extremely common, but you could also find this shape in the elegant mirrors of the time, as well as in wall paper prints, clocks, homewares, and soft furnishings.

The roaring 20s were a beautiful and artistic time, and there are countless vintage decorating ideas we can take and employ in modern homes today.

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