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The best home-styling tips from Queer Eye’s Bobby Berk

May 18, 2020 10:00 am by Upside

The hit television show Queer Eye has become a fast fan favourite thanks to its infinitely charming cast and phenomenal life makeovers.

From hair and grooming to one-on-one personal coaching from the team’s cultural expert, each person on the show benefits in countless ways. Every episode, home stylist expert Bobby Berk also renovates their living space, and his transformations are often some of the most satisfying and dramatic of the lot.

Queer Eye’s Bobby has a natural eye for style, and his home styling tips and interior design hacks are ones that anyone can try for a more modern, appealing design.

If you’re looking for how to style your home for sale, try these fantastic tips from Bobby Berk.

Get the lighting right

warm-lounge Bobby points out that many people will spend huge amounts of time and money on everything from paint colours to furnishings, but none of it will shine as it could with the wrong lighting.

A lot of new types of lighting are cool - or cold - in tone, which can make a room feel more like a hospital or clinical space than a cosy bedroom or living area. Make a point of selecting warm-toned light bulbs, and keep them uniform throughout the house.

Move those curtain rods up

higher curtains
Moving your curtains up will make the ceiling look higher, the window look larger, and the overall room seem more spacious.
Curtains, at their most basic, are designed to cover a window, offering privacy and shade. No matter if yours are simple and neutral or bright and patterned, they could probably look a lot better if they were higher.

Bobby says that most people will place the curtain rod just high enough to cover the window. However, when you move it up a foot or so, it will make the ceiling look higher, the window look larger, and the overall room seem more spacious.

It’s a simple trick of the eye that takes very little design finesse, but can make a big difference.

Go neutral in small space

neutral small room
Neutral colours in a small space can make it appear bigger.
Working with a small space is a common interior design conundrum. There are countless ways to make a small room appear bigger, and Berk’s tip is to stick with neutral colours as your base.

This way, the room won’t seem more cluttered than it is. These subdued hues will layer together well without crowding the space, and you can play with texture and materials to keep things from becoming boring.

Play with temporary wallpaper

One of the best new inventions in interior design is temporary wallpaper. This option allows you to create statement walls or completely redesign your living spaces without making a permanent change. You can even use this wallpaper in cabinets and other areas, so the options are limitless.

This can be ideal if you’re planning on selling your home soon, or simply if you are unsure about how to style your home, and want to dip your toes in before making a permanent design choice.

If you are considering selling your home, the best place to start is with a free property appraisal. This can give you an idea of how much your home might be worth, and help you decide if you need to do a little re-styling to help buyers see just how beautiful your home really is.


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