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Decorate like Joanna Gaines with these home styling hacks

May 30, 2019 10:00 am by Upside

Joanna Gaines has made a name for herself on our televisions across five seasons of the show ‘Fixer Upper’. She and her husband Chip Gaines could seemingly take any rundown property and turn it into a thing of beauty.

Their interior design styles generally included modern farmhouse looks and contemporary country décor, but their home styling hacks could be used in virtually any property in Australia.

Here are a handful of the best.

Natural tones

shutterstock 1192029061 Joanna is known for her love of natural tones, and when you see the sleek, gorgeous results, it’s easy to see why she returns to this aesthetic time and time again.

Natural wood grains are always a key feature, and these are paired with creams and greys for a cohesive, charming look. Joanna also always adds a touch of green with live plants dotted around the home to amplify the natural theme and add a pop of colour.

Creative uses of unloved spaces

istock-520490154 In any Fixer Upper makeover, no space was left unloved.

If you have areas of your home that don’t see any real use, get creative with ways to turn them into something functional or simply fun.

Joanna might turn an unused closet into an open bookshelf, turn a dark corner into a reading nook, or use the space under the stairs to build shelving for the kids’ toys.

White walls for contemporary country living

In many of the Gaines’ renovations, they tore down old drywall to uncover original ‘shiplap’ boards. With a fresh coat of white paint, these walls become an eye catching backdrop for any modern farmhouse interior.

If this is one of your favourite living room ideas but you don’t have boards lurking behind your walls, you can recreate this look with pine or other timber boards.

Vintage prints

lunar-lander-house-fixer-upper (1) No contemporary country living area is complete without vintage prints and signs for the walls. Fortunately, these are also reasonably easy to find in shops and online – or even in second hand and vintage stores for the originals.

Look for those muted, natural colour palettes, and don’t shy away from words or bold designs, as these prints can become real talking pieces for your décor.

Metal seating

994979b1b3364a4da627fa4c25d09e Joanna has said it herself, metal chairs “carry a hint of industrial that goes with any style”.

Metal dining chairs and even bar stools offer a relaxed and lived-in country home feel, and they work in practically any interior design scheme. As a bonus, they are literally tough as nails, so you don’t need to worry about the cat scratching them or the kids ripping away at fabric.

As much light as possible

You’ll never find a dark corner in a home renovated by Joanna Gaines. Her love of light is apparent throughout every property she touches.

For those lucky enough to enjoy plenty of natural light, you can boost what you have by adding large mirrors to bounce this source around, or even take a leaf from Joanna’s book by removing curtains to create an airy, open space.

When natural lighting it’s an option, install light fixtures and invest in lamps to spread as much light through your home as possible.

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