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5 reasons to invest in a new bathroom

April 28, 2021 10:00 am by Upside

Many people mull over the need to remodel their bathrooms for a while. But there comes a time when you just have to do it and there is no point in denying it further.

Whether it's a lack of storage, space, or just feeling like it's slightly outdated, it could be time for a change. While the cost of remodelling a bathroom could be a deterrent, here are some top reasons why you should consider investing in a bathroom remodel.

1. Change in your needs

With changes in the life pattern, the bathroom may also need to change. Perhaps the amount of people living under the same roof is increasing (or decreasing as you become an empty nester!), your master bathroom should be suitable for all phases of your life.

For instance, your standalone shower was great when there were just the two of you living in the residence. However, now a baby is coming along, and you will need a bathtub that will make bathing this new baby a lot easier.

2. Updating the appearance

When you moved into the home first, the builder-grade material may have worked out for you but, now you're feeling the need for an update.

Maybe you're hoping for a bit more of a personal stamp on your master bathroom and it is the perfect reason for remodeling the bathroom. If you are planning to sell the house, then a modernized bathroom will surely engage more buyers.

Or even if you are planning to stay, it's always good to repair damage if (there are any) and lay down prevention if down the line you do decide to sell!

Get rid of all the boring tiles and outdated lighting fixtures. Bring in colors, new trends, and material that will reflect your personality and develop a bathroom you will wish to spend more time in. If you are looking to select a style that will withstand the test of time, select neutral colors and material. This enables you to change the decor by using accessories and avoids a gut job for years.

3. Repair the damage and prevent further occurrence of damage

It is possible that your bathroom is displaying wear and tear from your daily use or you have broken or older equipment in the bathroom such as a damaged water heater.

Consider advanced moisture-resistant paints and water barrier alternatives that can stand the abuse of the space. By doing all this you will get a new look that can protect the interior of the bathroom for years.

4. Better safety

It doesn’t matter whether you have elderly requirements or small children to think of, a master bathroom remodeling can make safety your top priority. Anti-scald shower valves, non-slip floors, and GFI outlets are the features that can make your bathroom safe for larger and growing families.

If you are performing the remodel for retirement you can think about adding grab-bars and barrier-free showers to keep you safe in the golden years. Due to the availability of modern fixtures, there is no need to worry about these safety features making the bathroom appear more institutional.

5. Increase the efficiency

The bathroom may be costing you quite a bit on the utility bills. As the showers and toilets take up the majority of water usage from your home, you need to look for more efficient options. You can find a wide range of faucets, water-saving toilets, and showerheads in the market these days. Many of the fixtures are capable of saving around 20% of daily water use.

A lot of them are available with rebates that not only save water but also save money. The older ventilation system might not be as efficient as it could be and updating the airflow can prevent the growth of mildew and mold. Overall, if you are tired of renovating your bathroom, maybe it is time you start looking for a new house with new equipment, if it seems too much work, seek professional help from land and house providers such as Lotmix.

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