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Unexpected ways to make your home appear larger for buyers

February 23, 2021 11:00 am by Upside

If there’s one thing all buyers can appreciate in a potential new home, it’s space.

So if you know how to make a small bedroom look big or a living area look roomy, you might be able to encourage your buyers to offer a little more – regardless of what your property valuation or appraisal says.

Here are five secrets for how to make a small bedroom look bigger!

1. Empty those shelves

Most people will have shelving of some description in living areas, bedrooms, and even hallways.

What you might not expect is that a cluttered, full shelf, can make a room look and feel more cramped than it really is. Even if your shelves are tidy, completely empty out a shelf or two for viewings and realtor photos – this gives an airy, open feeling that affects the entire room.

2. Striped rugs

It’s an oft-quoted ‘fashion fact’ that wearing horizontal stripes can make you look wider. Whether or not that’s true, stripes can trick the eye into elongating spaces.

That’s why striped rugs can make an area seem longer than it really is, and are such a popular choice when it comes to small apartment interior design.

3. Multiple light sources

Most Australian homes have overhead lights as standard, and it’s less common to add the warm glow of lamps like many North American homes.

Take a leaf out of our northern neighbours’ design book and add a few lamps around the room, lighting up any dark corners, and simply adding more light to the room overall. This is one of the best small bedroom ideas around, as it will create a brighter, more airy feel, as well as looking welcoming and warm.

4. Move furniture away from the walls

Moving furniture such as couches slightly away from the walls might sound like it will make a room feel more cramped, but give it a try and you might be surprised.

Creating just a hand span or so of space can make the room look more spacious, and you don’t even need to replace it all with tiny small space furniture. Note that you don’t need to move every single item inwards, but it’s a good idea to experiment with different items to see which create the best effect.

5. Remove those curtains – or replace them

More light equals more space (or at least the perception of it), and big, bulky curtains can darken a room even when they are drawn, which is the last thing you want in a small living room layout.

If it’s an option, remove the curtains completely to open up the space further. Alternatively, you can install roman blinds that are much less intrusive, or opt for curtains that are a similar colour to your walls, which can also make a room feel larger.

Also note, if you’re going to have curtains, it’s best to find a style that hangs from the floor to the ceiling. This draws the eye upwards, and makes the walls feel taller.

Whether you have a property valuation (a formal, expert report) or simply an appraisal (an informed but less formal estimate), the final sale price of your home will often come down to just how much your buyer wants to move in. And if you can make your home seem more spacious and open with a few easy tricks, then it’s likely worth the effort!

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