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How to make your house smell nice before selling it

November 20, 2018 10:00 am by Upside

When you put your house on the market, it’s important to remember that people’s decisions about purchasing a home are based on a huge range of factors – they’ll use all their senses when deciding if a home is right for them. While it can be easy to focus on how the house looks, don’t forget that smell can trigger memories and emotions, so make sure that you’re introducing some lovely smells to create positive associations with your home.

Here are 9 creative ways to make your home smell fantastic before selling.

Open the windows

The number-one way to make your home smell nice is to open up windows and doors to give it a good airing. This is particularly essential in the springtime when it’s been shut up to conserve heat. Damp, mildew or musty smells can easily accumulate during that time, so open the doors to nature and get the stale air out.

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Get rid of bad smells at the source

If your house is smelling a bit sad, it might be time to hunt down and attack any culprits that are contributing to the problem.

  • Smelly shoes near the door
  • Bins and bin cupboards
  • Musty curtains and soft furnishings
  • Older mattresses or sofas
  • Any areas with mould or damp
  • Microwaves, dishwashers or fridges that need a clean
  • Dusty areas – believe it or not, dust has its own unpleasant smell!
  • Pet beds, litter trays

Repurpose air fresheners

Recent findings show that artificial fragrances can potentially be toxic, and the scents we associate with air fresheners, scented candles, cleaning products, and many other household items could be making us sick. If you’re looking to make your home smell good, it’s best to avoid these and use essential oils instead. You can recycle plug-in air fresheners by filling them with a combination of water and your favourite essential oil. You can also do the same with reed diffusers.

Put vanilla essence in the oven

Who doesn’t love the simple, comforting smell of vanilla? Pop some into a heatproof bowl with some water on a low heat and let the sweet smell permeate your house.

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Add house plants

Not only are house plants beautiful, but they also help purify the air in a room. Cut flowers with lovely fragrances like roses, freesias, jonquils, and gardenias are a great way to introduce a pleasant scent to your home.

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DIY deodorisers

You can buy expensive carpet cleaner or make your own for next to nothing using bicarbonate of soda and essential oils. Simply mix, sprinkle, then leave for an hour and vacuum to lift stale smells from the carpet. Bicarb also works if left in an open jar in rooms and cupboards.

Cook nice smelling things

If you’re looking for tips on how to make home smell nice before selling it, you’ll almost definitely find someone telling you to bake some bread in the oven – but you don’t have to stop there. Other things to cook include a stovetop potpourri of apples and cinnamon, or oranges and cloves.

Clean with natural products

Switching to vinegar, lemon juice and bicarbonate of soda for your cleaning products will not only be much cheaper, but also better for the environment and it will leave your place smelling great.

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Make a room spray with essential oil

Before opening your house for inspection, go into each room and give it a spritz of your favourite essential oils. Eucalyptus or citrus oils are great for creating a refreshing smell.

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