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What do Australian's look for when choosing a suburb to live in?

April 13, 2020 8:00 am by Upside

‘What suburb should I live in?’

It’s the question we ask as we move from the wild-and-free young adult years to settling down with a family to entering our laidback golden years.

It’s no longer about bars within walking distance. When you’re buying a house with kids in tow, your priorities change. Suddenly, the most important factors include catchment zones, family-friendly excursion spots, and a safe neighbourhood for your little ones to play and grow.

So, what are the biggest deciding factors Aussies take into account when choosing a suburb to live in? We set out to find the answers in our survey, What Australians Want in a Suburb. Dive into the results below.


Safety first, followed by peace and quiet

Ranking top on our list, a massive 92.54% of survey respondents say crime rates and general safety were important factors when finding a place to live. Almost equally as important was peace and quiet, with 91.04% saying it was a key decision-making factor.

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We all love our Wi-Fi and it shows. A good mobile and internet connectivity came in third in the list of factors when picking a suburb, with 88.06% of respondents saying it was important. This even outranked factors like connections to public transport, or being able to get around easily by car. In fact, family-friendliness trumped transportation options for the majority of respondents.

Medical services and schools both key considerations

Echoing the theme of family friendliness, 78% of people surveyed said that having hospitals and medical centres were important when choosing a suburb to live in. More than half (54%) looked at proximity to the best schools, whether it was the top primary schools in Melbourne or the best schools in Sydney.

People love shopping, eating, and the outdoors

Regardless of whether it’s Sydney’s or Melbourne’s most liveable suburb, Aussies want convenience. 78% of people surveyed said that being near shops or a shopping centre was extremely important when on the hunt for the ideal liveable suburb. Following closely behind were parks, restaurants and cafes.

Suburb profiles and plans are important

On top of all the key consideration factors, the majority of people we spoke to said they wanted to know things like how a neighbourhood has changed over time, median property prices, and a vendor’s reason for selling. This is easy with Upside: we offer a free online report for a property, which you can request in under 30 seconds to get a good idea of what a home in the area may be worth.

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But above and beyond all these factors were major projects happening in the area, such as new commercial developments or infrastructure projects. Major developments can have a huge impact on property prices, whether it’s a significant upswing from new public transport plans or a decrease because it affects a property’s natural surroundings.

Want to find more about a specific suburb? Hop on to our free suburb profiles for more information about the suburb you’re thinking about moving to.

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