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Bryon selling

Byron Selling: Mentor of the year!

December 9, 2021 0:00 am by Upside

Are you a real estate agent who knows they are capable of more, and ready to make it happen?

At Upside, we help you accelerate your career with unlimited access to the best in the business.

All our agents have access to their own non-competing performance coach who provides them with support, training and guidance when they need it - at no cost. Your performance coach helps you with anything from on-the-ground help such as dialogue training, to help at auctions or dealing with a difficult vendor or buyer, all the way through to career-focused mentoring.

In fact - our coaches are so good at what they do that they have been nationally recognised as one of the best in the industry!

We’re so proud of Upside’s very own Byron Selling for being named as a finailst in the 2022 REB Awards - Mentor of the Year category.

Byron’s passion for helping agents achieve their goals, and the amazing team culture that he has created is unmatched in this industry, so we wanted to share some insight into just what he helps his team at Upside achieve.

What is your role as a mentor at Upside?

I like to think that my mentoring style is very much about ‘how can I serve my agents’ and not the other way around. The way in which I lead my team is all about fostering long term relationships within a safe environment; promoting and encouraging creativity and collaboration and understanding how I can tailor my managerial approach and language to the individual, in the way that serves them best.

In an industry that can be very competitive and at times dog-eat-dog, it’s so important for agents to feel comfortable asking for help. Be vulnerable, be empathetic and develop a great team culture, and the sales results will come.

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What was your path to becoming a performance coach/mentor at Upside?

I mentor a team of agents at Upside Realty, spread across NSW, ACT and Queensland. Prior to that I was an agent myself, working alongside many of the people I now mentor and I think therein lies one of my biggest strengths when it comes to leadership: I truly understand what my team’s day-to-day looks like, and I enjoy working closely alongside them at the coal-face - regularly attending listing presentations, open homes and auctions - in-order to maintain a good understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, and giving me an opportunity to add value in the right areas.

How do you do your best to help your agents?

It’s so important to me that the agents I coach feel they can come to me as much as they need and know there’s no such thing as a silly question. I try to nurture all my individual team members’ self belief as that’s crucial for success in a job as challenging as this, and I know when to give recognition at the right time and celebrate my agents’ wins, no matter how big or small.

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How do you support your agents growth, development and career success in the industry?

I have a 1:1 meeting with all my agents every week, and many of my agents work remotely as our agents work from home. During these meetings we look at their strengths and weaknesses and explore how they can improve. I am very fortunate at Upside to have access to a lot of data, which helps me drill into a formula to get them to where they want and need to be.

We also talk through their goals - personal and financial - and constantly reevaluate them. The key thing is for their goals to be something that’s important to them and not what I think.

I also do a lot of real life prospecting with them - call sessions, door knocking and other lead gen sources. I believe that when they see that there is no perfection, it builds confidence greatly and their ability to do it in front of me or peers with no judgement. It’s a fine balance between showing them and telling them, but we have fun while we do it and recently one agent booked 10 appraisals during one of our ‘prospecting wipeout’ days together on the phone.

How have you seen some of your agents perform through your coaching?

Some of my best performers win industry awards. Catherine Halloran was in the top 10 ACT agents in the 2021 Rate My Agent Awards as well as the winner for her suburb. Our agent in Newcastle, Malcolm Taylor, also won Agent of the Year for one of his key suburbs. 4 of my agents were in the top 5 agents at Upside for 2020, in terms of sales volume for the year. This meant they all became members of our Summit Club (Upside's top 5 agents) and were rewarded with a luxurious holiday in Byron Bay where they could bring along their partners and children.

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How do you make sure that you’re making their career in real estate the best that it can be?

We have a fantastic culture in this team and there are several things I attribute this to: One of these is arranging regular fun team bonding initiatives, for example a golf day with the NSW agents or virtual drinks and games with the ACT and QLD teams. It’s so important to get to know each other on a personal level and have time together away from work., especially as it can be a very high pressure job.

I make a huge effort to connect with my employees’ families and forge good relationships to the point where they now connect on social media and chat with one another. There is such a strong ‘family feel’ in our team and that’s really powerful when it comes to creating a good culture, and genuinely happy work environment that ultimately drives results.

Our team culture is something I'm incredibly proud of.

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Ready to accelerate your career with unlimited access to the best in the business?

Work smarter, earn more and have a better work-life balance with help from your very own performance coach at Upside. Have a private chat with our Head of Talent Emily Gabris on 0420 765 530 or hit the button below to find out more.


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