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Selling safely during COVID-19

May 12, 2020 9:00 am by Upside

In the wake of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and new limits on real estate activities such as open for inspections and auctions, Upside Realty has implemented strict new procedures to ensure that we can continue to provide industry-leading service to our buyers and vendors during this crisis.


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Eased restrictions on home inspections and auctions in Australia

In great news for buyers, sellers and everyone involved in real estate, the easing of restrictions has allowed groups to once again enter listed properties. Whilst most states have opened up (if only partially), the rules continue to move and vary state to state. Below is a link to the Real Estate industry body for each state to get the most up to date rules specific to your location

State by state home inspections and auction rules

State Inspection attendees Auction attendees More info
VIC 10 (excluding agent) 10 (excluding agent) REIV (Victoria)
NSW As normal As normal REINSW
QLD 10 (excluding agent) 10 (excluding agent) REIQ
ACT 10 (excluding agent) 10 (excluding agent) REIACT
WA 10 Online only REIWA
NT As normal As normal
SA As normal As normal
TAS (from 18/5) 10 10

This change will not only make the buying and selling process easier, it will also provide confidence to buyers as they are officially encouraged to be active in the property market again.

When announcing the change, the state government have included key health guidelines which Upside will be following which include:

  • Ensure physical distancing of greater than 1.5m is maintained
  • Ppromote good hygiene on premises and at auctions including hand sanitiser
  • Use digital platforms where possible to discourage physical contact
  • Keep detailed contact records of people attending open homes and auctions
  • Ensure people with any symptoms of illness do not attend a property manage the number of people entering small spaces
  • Consider extended times for open house viewings and inspections
  • Use outdoor venues for auctions wherever possible
  • If auctions are held indoors, use large venues where physical distancing between household groups of one person per four square metres is possible.

Upside Hygeine Policy

upside response

Our response to COVID-19

Catherine Halloran
Upside agent Catherine Halloran conducts a virtual inspection in a Canberra apartment. Picture: Dion Georgopoulos
As social distancing becomes the new normal, we’re proud to say that at Upside, we’ve focused on creating a digital world of operations for our remote agent workforce since day one. We have alternative measures in place so ensure that no matter the level of restrictions in your area, we can continue to help our vendors get their properties sold, and give our buyers the confidence to continue to purchase during this crisis, with many of the new changes having little impact on our day-to-day operations.

Selling during COVID-19

Virtual walkthrough
We now offer our vendors the option to carry out virtual open home tours for interested buyers

The health and safety of our agents and our clients is of utmost importance to us. This is a constantly evolving event, as such we will keep revising our processes and add in new provisions and procedures. As a company we have always been agile and worked to change around the needs of buyers and sellers.

Here are just some of the ways Upside will continue to operate in order to provide industry-leading service to our buyers and vendors during this crisis:

  • Remote property appraisals: Our agents are able to remotely ascertain the price range of the property by utilising video conferencing, detailed knowledge of the area and metric combining technology
  • Virtual meetings: Buyers and sellers have the option to meet with agents digitally through a video call
  • Virtual open homes: Upside is also working with UberRE to offer the option to carry out virtual open home tours for interested buyers. Unlike other virtual walk through products in the market, offerings are more secure for the vendor and aids in allowing the agents to generate offers as buyers need to sign into the virtual open home in the way that they would have to for a physical one. This allows buyers to 'walk through the property’ without having to leave their house, maximising the number of buyers looking at a property whilst limiting in person inspections to only the serious buyers.
  • Our agents already use industry leading technology: Upside agents are equipped with NurtureCloud, an end-to-end custom software program that was developed over the last 3 years alongside Upside agents out in the field. In Feburary, Ray White announced it would be investing in this technology for it's own agents.
  • Remote agents: Since the start Upside never had brick-and-mortar offices (in fact, that’s how we keep our cost so low for our clients who are looking to sell their property), so our nation-wide agents have always worked from their own home office in your local area. The changing climate means whilst other businesses tackle the complexities of switching to working from home, Upside agents have always worked under these conditions, meaning their focus is on catering to the changing needs of buyers and sellers.

You can also find more information selling in the current climate here.

In the media

Upside is leading the industry charge on many fronts in this changing climate, as is evident in much of the media coverage we have received over the past weeks.

You can find our national features here.

Helpful Tips to get you through

We currently find ourselves in the midst of unprecedented events, with the outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) seeing many businesses turning to ‘working from home’ practices in an effort to try to slow the spread of the virus. To those who are just easing into such a concept, it can be easy to feel out of place as normal daily routines are disrupted, and lines become blurred between work and life when they both happen in the same place.

At Upside, the remote office model is something we have always operated under. We have no brick and mortar office so our local agents work from home when they’re not meeting with their clients.

We’ve asked our agents (who are experts at working from home!) for their top tips on how to turn your home into your office to help you through - no matter what industry you’re in.

  1. Maintain regular work hours
  2. Create routine to start your day
  3. Manage your diary
  4. Have scheduled breaks
  5. Quality tech
  6. When you need to do life admin, do it and move on
  7. Keep a dedicated space
  8. Set boundaries with your family
  9. Over-communicate with your team
  10. Stay social
  11. Stay healthy - physically and mentally
  12. Do enjoy the perks
  13. End your day with a routine

You can read these tips in more detail here.

Worried about selling at this time? Upside is your safest choice. With remote appraisers, virtual open for inspections & meetings, digital contracts and agents that have always worked from home, there is no agency in a better position to look after you when selling in the current climate. Book your free, no obligation (and digital if you'd prefer) appraisal with us today.


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