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5 ways to boost your curb appeal on a budget

November 2, 2021 10:00 am by Upside

They say not to judge a book by it’s cover - but that doesn’t stop anyone. It’s the same concept as curb appeal, as many people will get a strong first feeling about a home simply by looking at it from the street.

While this street appeal isn’t going to make or break a home buyer’s decision, modern home exteriors can strongly influence how they feel about a potential new property. That’s why it’s so important to think about how to maximise your curb appeal when it comes time to sell.

For those who would prefer to do their own home exterior makeover without the help of a professional, or the need for a huge budget, here are a few ideas to boost that curb appeal without breaking the bank.

Add potted plants

add potted plants Potted plants can be lively, colourful, and importantly - inexpensive. They are easily one of the best DIY front yard landscaping ideas on a budget.

Whether you opt for a bright green bush or something with a little floral colour, the addition of a couple of pot plants on each side of the door is a quick and easy way to spruce up the outdoor appeal of your home. Consider standing pots, hanging plants, or even window planter boxes to spread the greenery and colour around.

Even better, you can take them with you when you move out, so it’s not an investment you’ll leave behind when you head to your new home.

Repaint anything you can

A bucket of paint and an afternoon or a weekend free are all you’ll need to refresh a number of areas of your front garden.

Consider a fresh lick of paint for a faded front door, or even a new wood stain for the steps or deck. And how is the fence looking? Old cracked and faded paint can greatly pull down the appeal of your front fencing, and it doesn’t take a professional to liven things up with a fresh coat.

New paint is like a facelift for homes, and should always be one of the first curb appeal ideas you try due to how easy and affordable it can be.

Get the trimmers out

trim (1) Trees, hedges, and plants grow slowly. So slowly, in fact, that it’s often hard to notice when they switch from being lush and gorgeous, to somewhat overgrown and messy.

A pair of good garden trimmers is an investment for any home, or you may well be able to borrow a pair. Head to the front garden and trim back the greenery. Aim for a tidier, more cultivated look, and be sure to remove all fallen branches and leaves once you’re finished.

Consider symmetry

Did you know that symmetric homes can make everything look more sleek and polished?

There might not be a lot you can do about the house itself, but you can consider adding (or removing) elements to create added symmetry and add a subtle but effective symmetry. You can also create symmetry through your garden landscaping.

You can do this by adding pot plants or hanging planters on either side of the doorway, or other decorative features such as lanterns. If you have a deck, you can add cosy outdoor chairs on either side, or temporarily remove one if you already have just one out there.

Powerwash that driveway

powerwash Many Australian homes have a large concrete driveway leading up to the home, and it can feel like there isn’t a lot you can do to spruce up this area.

Instead of considering expensive new paving ideas for your front of house, consider renting a power washer from your local hardware store. This can make a real difference to the overall appeal of your outdoor area, and you can also use the water on your deck if it could do with a clean, too.

If you’re unsure how to spend your time and money improving your curb appeal, don’t be afraid to ask a trusted friend or family member who can offer a fresh look.

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