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how to spring clean your home

6 Spring cleaning tips that could actually improve the value of your home

September 27, 2018 9:00 am by Upside

Spring cleaning: it’s probably not a phrase that fills you with excitement, but what if we told you that we’ve got house cleaning tips that could actually improve the value of your property? Why not take the opportunity to give your home a mini-makeover and add to its value in the process!

You’ve probably read the odd article on how to spring clean your home and how to increase property value – take a look at our value-boosting spring cleaning checklist below and do both in one fell swoop.

1. Do a deep clean

Most of us manage a general tidy-up once a week or so, but there are a million little nooks and crannies that go unseen and rarely get cleaned. When is the last time you cleaned the inside of your oven or vacuumed behind the bookshelf or couch? Spring cleaning is a good chance to get into those hidden corners most of us ignore during those quick clean-ups. Remember that if you decide to sell, prospective buyers will be opening every cupboard and looking in every corner, so this is a good opportunity to help keep up the overall presentation of your home – making it easier for you to prepare for a sale and secure the best price when the time comes.

2. Apply a fresh coat of paint

There’s nothing like a fresh lick of paint to make your home look modern, fresh, and appealing to buyers. Since you’re already moving things around to do a deep clean, take the opportunity to touch up the paintwork or even go for a whole new coat. Don’t forget that the outside walls are one of the first things a potential buyer will see of your home, so it’s a good idea to thoroughly wash or repaint external surfaces as well.

3. Scrub and seal grout

While you might not notice the odd stain or spot in between your tiling and splashbacks, potential buyers will. Give your grout a good, detailed scrub to bring it back to its original whiteness, or regrout and reseal it entirely if it’s starting to discolour permanently or wear away. In some cases, fresh grout is almost on par with a kitchen or bathroom renovation in terms of appeal to buyers.

4. Get your carpets or floorboards professionally cleaned

Unless they’re looking for a fixer-upper, most home buyers want a home with new or good-as-new flooring. Adding professional floor cleaning to your annual spring clean will help you keep your flooring in tip-top condition year-round, making the final preparation before selling an easier and less expensive process.

5. Spruce up the garden

The power of curb appeal can’t be underestimated when it comes to selling your home at the best price, so use your spring clean as a chance to give your garden a little more love than just mowing the lawn. Think new planter beds, outdoor lighting features, or giving the driveway a power wash.

6. Fix the little things

You know that wobbly doorknob or loose tap fitting that keeps falling off? Now is the time to get to work doing those small repairs that you’ve been putting off. While they may not have a major impact on your living situation, keeping the little things in working order demonstrates the sort of care and attention that potential buyers want to see, and may pay more money for.

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