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How to get ready for selling in summer

October 12, 2020 10:00 am by Upside

With summer on the horizon, you might be wondering what things you should be on the look out for if you plan on putting your property on the market during the hot season. We’ve got you covered with some lookouts you may want to keep in mind.

Got the time? Spend it on home improvements

You’re likely to have some free time, either because of the summer holidays or because COVID-19 restrictions are still keeping people home, so you can make some fixes around the house to ensure that everything’s spic and span and presentable for people who might be interested in your property. Whether it’s applying a new coat of paint, installing fresh bathroom fixtures, or putting up new blinds to replace the shoddy old ones, you can use the summer holidays to get these projects underway and ready the house for viewers.

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Make sure your garden looks great

If your property has a front lawn or garden, make sure it isn’t looking patchy during the hot months. A nice, well-kept garden can entice potential buyers. For best results, fix up your yard with summer-friendly landscaping and plants – some grass options are couch, Zoysia or tall fescue grasses and you can add beautiful, hardy flowers like portulaca, New Guinea impatiens variants, or coreopsis, all of which are perfect for sunny climates.

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Set up your outdoor space

While you’re at it, you may as well amp up your outdoor living areas so that buyers can imagine themselves entertaining their future guests under the lovely summer sun. Anything from a few lounging chairs and a shady umbrella to a comfortable al fresco dining set with overhead lanterns can liven up the area and help your prospects envision the outdoor space’s potential. And if you have a pool or water feature or something like a fire pit, stage your living area around it.

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Keep the house cool and pleasant for viewers

Maintaining a comfortable temperature throughout the house is one way you can impress on your home’s viewers that it can handle the heat. Not only are you keeping the house hunters from the sweltering heat during inspection day, but you’re also giving them a test run on how the house holds up during the summer, especially if they think they may also have to spend to overhaul the air-conditioning system.

Other ways to upsell the house by staging is by making it smell fresh – some tried-and-tested ways are by having cookies baking in the oven or by turning on a diffuser with summery scents. Anything that doesn’t make the house seem too lived in will work.

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That said, given the current global situation surrounding the pandemic, the abovementioned advice only counts when restrictions on in-person home inspections are finally loosened.

Let the light in

Natural light is a big draw for people looking for their next home, so if it’s not baking hot outside, open the windows or just draw the curtains back to brighten up the room naturally. Doing this will also make the room appear more spacious. But keep in mind our earlier advice and make sure this won’t make the area too hot.

Do a Marie Kondo – declutter!

It doesn’t matter if your prospective buyer is visiting your property or going on a virtual tour – they won’t want to see your junk. Be sure to keep personal items and messes out of their line of sight. The goal of the home inspection is to help people envisage themselves as the homeowner. While you might love your knick-knacks and travel souvenirs, they will likely appear messy to buyers.

Additionally, if a home is filled with family photos, teddy bears, and other personal items, a buyer can feel like they are intruding, and struggle to see themselves living there as it is so clearly someone else’s home.

It’s fine to leave a few things out, but reducing these items can help a buyer see your home as their home. This is probably the best time to declutter the house of knick-knacks that have lost their usefulness too!

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Consult a real estate expert

Frankly, you could probably try selling your house on your own, but it can be a difficult path to take no matter the season. Instead of trying to DIY the whole experience, an all-time tip is to work with a seasoned real estate expert.

Your local real estate agent will be familiar with the local area, the current market rate for homes like yours, how best to stage your house, and the legal requirements involved in selling a house. Aside from those, property agents have an ear-to-the-ground on potential buyers and what they may want, thanks to their years of experience helping people buy and sell their homes. And of course, a veteran agent will be also be able to negotiate the best price possible for your home.

Ready to take the plunge?

We hope this article serves as a great starting point for if you do have plans for selling your home in the summer.

If you’re raring to get started, our local real estate agents at Upside can be your partners through the entire process of putting your house on the market to getting it sold. Get in touch with our real estate agents, any day of the year, and we’ll help you through the process


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