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Preparing your home to sell in spring: expert tips for peace of mind

October 4, 2021 10:00 am by Upside

Spring has sprung, and as we emerge from the wintry chill, many are now thinking of putting their homes on the market. In many ways, it’s a great time to sell: logistically, it’s perfect to put your home on the market now in order to get everything sorted and settled before Christmas, and psychologically, many people are ready for a bit of a change.

Here are some of our best spring house selling tips to consider if you’re looking to sell in the springtime:

1. Up the spring clean ante

Most people will give their home a spruce once spring comes around, but if you’re also selling your house, you’ll need to really amp up your spring clean. Here are some of the things you’ll need to do to freshen the place up a little:

  • Wash curtains
  • Dust around any skirting boards, door frames and cornices
  • Clean behind and underneath appliances and furniture
  • Give the carpet a clean

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2. Declutter

As you spring clean, give everything in your place a good edit. Donate, store or recycle anything that’s looking a bit sad, that you don’t use or that you’ve been meaning to replace – you’ll thank yourself when it comes to moving time. Other things that you should keep an eye out for are:

  • Piles of magazines or papers
  • Kids’ or pets’ toys
  • Large items that you only use in winter, like a heater or dehumidifier
  • Extraneous furniture

3. Make sure everything smells nice

With everything shut up for winter, smells can often accumulate – damp and mould can create an unpleasant smell. Make sure you give the whole house and any large soft items (pillows, mattresses, cushions, sofas) a good airing (pull out furniture away from the walls to allow for circulation).

4. Replace anything that’s broken

Lighting fixtures, handles, buttons, hinges – anything that’s creaking or tricky, now’s the time to replace it with a better-working version.

5. Invite the light in

With spring also comes longer and brighter days, so capitalise on this by replacing heavy curtains and introducing mirrors to reflect the light and make darker rooms seem airier.

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6. Be prepared for changeable weather

If you’re showing your house in spring, the weather could be warm and sunny one day and windy and chilly the next. Bear that in mind if your house is susceptible to the temperature – you may need to heat it up or cool it down before an open house.

7. Paint

Nothing improves the look of a home like a fresh coat of paint, particularly when it’s to lighten the colours or bring an old-fashioned room up to date. The same goes for outside, although you’ll usually need to engage a professional if you want to make sure the exterior is painted correctly.

8. Give the garden an update

Another great thing about spring is, of course, the flowers. Take a visit to your local gardening centre and come home with some cheap and cheerful plants to brighten up both the indoors and the outdoors. While you’re in the garden, make sure the weeds are at bay and any old garden furniture, pet toys and machinery are removed.

If you’re looking to sell a house in Sydney or sell a house in Melbourne this spring, start by getting your free property report today.


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