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5 surprising turn-offs for home buyers

July 1, 2019 10:00 am by Upside

Open home days are a vital part of selling a property, and home owners are always looking out for ways to put their best foot forward to entice potential buyers.

That includes removing potential turn-offs for those buyers. So here are five common turn-offs that you can aim to mitigate before open day for the best chance of an offer!

1. ‘Out there’ paint colours

When anyone moves to a new home, one of the first things on their to-do list is to make it their own. This often includes adding their own personality through paint.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with slathering a rainbow of colours on your walls – it’s your home, after all! – but when you want to think about how to sell your house, those character hues might put buyers off more than you’d imagine.

As you’re styling your home for sale, consider repainting a few surfaces to appeal to a broader market. This can also give your home a fresh, polished appearance.

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2. Deceiving photos

We live in an age of clever camera angles, flawless staging, and Photoshop. And of course, every seller wants their home to look its best for buyers.

However, just like a heavily Photoshopped dating profile, deceptive images could be a turn off for buyers. Should they show up expecting a bright gleaming kitchen to find a dark room courtesy of image brightness settings, they may be more disappointed than they would be if they had realistic expectations.

Aim for photos that show your home in the ‘best light’, but make sure they’re realistic, too.

3. Man’s best friend

Australian’s love animals, but even if potential first home buyers are looking for a pet-friendly property, they may not appreciate a property that currently has a pet.

Some animals can wear down home interiors or even leave lingering smells in soft furnishings, and some owners have fur allergies that would make the move very difficult.

To prepare for open homes and an eventual sale, clean the house from top to bottom, remove any evidence of animals (such as toys and litter trays), and check for damage that you can fix.

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4. Human inhabitants

While you’re making sure there is no evidence of animals in the home during showings, it’s important to make other plans for yourself, as well.

Owners, or even renters, who are home during showings can be off-putting for buyers, making them feel pressured, and not letting them explore or linger as long as they’d like.

It’s easy enough for you to make other plans, but if you have renters, consider taking them out for coffee, or shouting them movie tickets to make sure they are out during viewings.

5. Personal items and clutter

Most homeowners already know that tidying up is one of the top tips for preparing a house for sale, but you should also consider taking it a step further and putting away as many personal items as possible. While you might love your knick-knacks and travel souvenirs, they will likely appear messy to buyers.

Additionally, if a home is filled with family photos, teddy bears, and other personal items, a buyer can feel like they are intruding, and struggle to see themselves living there as it is so clearly someone else’s home.

It’s fine to leave a few things out, but reducing these items can help a buyer see your home as their home.

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