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6 tips and tricks to market your home

November 2, 2020 10:00 am by Upside

As with anything people buy, homes need to be marketed in order to reach the right buyers at the right moment. Marketing and advertising is a big part of what your real estate agent can help with (although some will charge extra for the service). The better the marketing, the more interest and the more competition, which means there’s the best chance possible at getting a good price when selling your home.

There are many ways to market a home, and your real estate agent should come to you with a strong marketing plan to reach prospective buyers. At Upside, our agents take care of the marketing plan for your home as part of their flat fee. However, if you are selling your home yourself, here are some top tips for successfully marketing property:

1. Create a thorough marketing plan

Your real estate agent should have a good grasp of what sells homes in your area: for example, whether people read the local papers or if a major newspaper will be worth the outlay. The marketing plan should include not only print advertising but also digital and physical marketing materials such as flyers, a pamphlet for your property, and signage.

2. Get great photographs

Part of selling a home is creating a vision. Prospective new owners are looking for feelings of happiness, security and comfort in your home, so fantastic photos are the cornerstone of any property marketing campaign. Making sure there’s plenty of light, no clutter, and a sense of space is essential; in order to achieve this you may get a professional stager to arrange hired furniture in the space. Of course, if you have views, a great garden, a pool, period features or recently renovated kitchens or bathrooms, these should feature prominently in the pictures of your home.

3. Make use of your street frontage

Marketing a property is rarely done without the use of a signboard, as attracting the attention of passers-by is a time-tested marketing method. One particularly worthwhile feature of the signboard is that it can capture people who are not necessarily actively looking for a new home to buy – that is, they’re not scouring the listings and circling the real estate supplement in the newspaper – but could be persuaded when the right home becomes available. For this reason, it’s always worth putting up a signboard, even if you’re in an apartment and the board isn’t directly attached to your property.

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4. Do a flyer drop of the neighbourhood

People who are already living in your area can be the perfect source of potential buyers: for example, young families who are growing out of apartments and want a family home in the school area or retirees looking to downsize but stay close to their friends and family. Creating a good flyer or brochure to distribute around letter boxes and to hand out at open for inspections is an important part of good advertising.

5. Cover the major online advertisers

Your real estate advertising will of course have its widest reach online, so ensure that your estate agent has created fantastic listings on and to show off your property to the biggest audience of home buyers in Australia.

6. Make sure you have professional copywriting

It’s sometimes very clear that real estate agents – instead of hiring a professional who knows how to wield words to their best effect – will often write the property description themselves. And it’s not always pretty. Make sure that your agent sticks to what they do best – selling houses – and hands over the copy creation to a professional writer.

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