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Tips on how to sell your home during the winter months: A quick and easy guide for homeowners

May 12, 2022 10:00 am by Upside

Right now may be a final opportunity for home sellers looking to lock in the record house price rises we’ve seen over the last 2 years. With rate hikes beginning sooner than anticipated, the market is soon to shift, but buyer demand at the present time remains strong as many seek to take advantage of today’s low-rate environment before things change.

If you’re thinking of selling but worried that you need to put it off until winter is over, fear not! There are quite actually quite a few benefits on how to sell your home during the cold seasons.

Let us break down some tips on how to sell your home during the cold season.

Take advantage of the low competition

Most people tend to wait to put their houses up for sale during the spring, so if you’re going on the market now, you won’t have too many competitors and this will drive up demand. And if you’re pushing a cosy, comforting home, buyers may be encouraged to snap it up because they know your house is prepared for the season.

Maintain winter-ready curb appeal

Curb appeal is a year-round concern for people who sell property and admittedly, it’s easier to create a beautiful scene when flowers are in bloom during the spring. However, a beautiful exterior during the winter time makes a good impression to anyone who might pass by. Here are a few things you can do to get started:

  • Decorate your front yard with flowering plants that bloom beautifully in the colder weather such as begonias, foxgloves, and geraniums. Pansies and petunias are also pretty examples of plants that grow in the winter season.
  • Give your door some pizzazz with a fresh splash of paint. Warm, bright colours may make your door seem more inviting against the Australian winter backdrop.
  • While you’re at, extend the paint job around the house. A drab, paint-chipped façade tells interested buyers that the interiors may be just as unkempt as the outside even if the opposite may be true.
  • Clear the yard of fallen branches, leaves, weeds, and other debris that make it look neglected.
  • Adding some lighting in the front yard and leading to the front door is a thoughtful way to improve curb appeal and make it safer in low light conditions.

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Make it warm, make it cosy

When you have people over for a house showing, you’ll definitely want to make a good impression. Assuming you’ve followed our street appeal tips, you shouldn’t neglect to stage your interiors accordingly.

A warm house can be very welcoming when the weather’s at its chilliest so keeping the heater on a comfortable temperature is a good start – check that your heating system is working perfectly and efficiently as this can be a point of consideration for buyers as they won’t have to spend time and money to have it overhauled.

Alternately, if you have a fireplace, you can also have a nice fire burning when potential buyers enter the house because it can also set the mood. Having beautiful, thick blankets on the couch and beds may also inspire ideas of cuddling comfortably in the house permanently.

Want to go the extra mile? If it’s extra cold outside, have some cookies baking in the oven and lay out some mugs of hot chocolate so prospective homeowners get the scent of sweetness and warmth as they come in and maybe think of your house as their home.

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Let your windows glow

Windows give people outside a preview of what’s in store for them once they open the door.

Clean windows with retracted curtains will make your house seem inviting when you’re having an open house, and it will let light flow into the space, making it seem brighter even during the winter.

If prospective buyers want to tour around the late afternoon or early evening, a friendly glow emanating from the inside is one way to reel them in so you should also take advantage of artificial lighting and mood lighting.

Keep the house clean and dry

It goes without saying that you’ll want to keep your interiors spic and span by hoovering, running some Pine-O-Clean on surfaces, and tidying everything up.

But since winters can be wet, you’ll also want to ensure that drips and mud tracks don’t make their way into the house either. Do this by providing a welcome mat where people can dry off their shoes as they enter and make an umbrella stand and coat rack handy by the door as well. You can protect your floors this way, and it sends buyers the message that you’ve taken very good care of the floors (and by extension, the house).

Work with a reliable and experienced real estate agent

If you want to sell your house during the winter, an expert agent can lead you on the right path. In fact, they’ll know how to stage your home regardless of the season. Good property agents in Australia are also familiar with the areas they’re serving and can talk up the benefit of the community very easily with possible homeowners. They can give you sound advice on renovations you can do to make your home more appealing to the market, and talk you out of unreasonably expensive and unnecessary remodels.

Basically, if you’re putting your house on the market, partnering up with a property agent who’s dedicated, competent, and seasoned will make your task so much easier.

Interested in selling your property this season? Our team at Upside can get you started – for a low fixed fee, you get a experienced local agent, excellent marketing strategies, and full transparency.

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