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How much are real estate agent fees and commissions in NSW?

February 3, 2019 8:00 am by Upside

If you’re planning to sell a property in NSW, it’s important to know that there’s a long list of fees and commissions that can come with selling through a traditional real estate agent.

We’ve put together a list of the average cost of fees and commissions for real estate agents in NSW, so you can know what to expect and make sure you’re getting the best service for the lowest price from your real estate agent.

Average NSW real estate agent fees & commissions

The amount you’ll end up paying in fees and commissions in NSW depends on a number of factors, such as whether you live in an urban or rural area, and the real estate agent you choose to sell your property. As a general guide, here’s what you can expect:

Real estate commissions in NSW

When you sell a property, the real estate commission is the percentage of the final sale price that’s paid to your agent after your property sells. This amount may be paid in addition to a flat fee that’s agreed upon before you put your property on the market, which is payable whether or not your property sells. Keep in mind that there are also fixed-fee agencies (like Upside) that charge an all-inclusive flat fee that stays the same no matter how much the property sells for.

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The overall average commission rate in NSW is approximately 2.1%, which is one of the lowest rates in Australia. In metropolitan areas where property prices tend to be higher and there are more agents competing for business, commissions can range between 1.8% and 2.5%. In regional areas where property values are generally lower, you can expect to pay higher commission rates of between 2.5% and 3.5%.

You can also choose to manage the listing and sales process yourself, which is one way of avoiding having to pay a commission and other listing fees. However, there are a multitude of factors involved in getting the best sale price for your property, so it’s advisable to seek help from a professional agent.

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Real estate marketing fees in NSW

Selling your property for the highest possible price comes down to making sure the biggest number of people know about it. Real estate agents will typically manage a full marketing campaign for your property, including professional photography, copywriting, an online listing, a floor plan, and a signboard outside your property.

In metropolitan Sydney, listing your property costs anywhere from $600 for the lowest tier marketing plan to nearly $2000 for a top-tier 45-day listing. In other NSW regions outside of Sydney, like Wollongong and Newcastle, online advertising fees range from $300 to over $1000.

Traditional real estate agents usually charge for marketing costs in addition to the commission. If you choose a flat-fee agency like Upside, all marketing costs are included in the fixed fee.

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Home staging fees in NSW

More and more home sellers are investing in home staging services to ensure their properties are displayed in their best light for photo shoots and viewings. Although real estate agents typically don’t offer home staging services directly, they can often organise professional styling of your home by a third party.

In NSW, home staging costs can range from $2000 up to $8000 depending on the level of service you request.

Auctioneer’s fees in NSW

If you’re planning on selling your property by auction, you will need to employ the services of a professional auctioneer for the day. Your real estate agent can usually organise the auctioneer on your behalf.

The cost of hiring an auctioneer in NSW ranges from approximately $200 to $1000.

How do real estate fees in NSW compare to the rest of Australia?

As mentioned earlier, the fees and commissions associated with selling a property can vary significantly depending on where your property is located. Generally speaking, commissions in regional areas tend to be higher than metropolitan areas because property values are lower and there’s less competition between real estate agents.

There’s also a disparity in fees and commissions between states in Australia. Tasmania, for example, has some of the country’s highest average real estate commissions at around 3.25%, but some of the lowest marketing fees. Average real estate commissions in NSW are relatively low at between 1.8% and 2.5%, while marketing/listing fees are comparably high at between $600 and $2000.

Here’s a chart comparing the cost of selling a home in each Australian state:

State Real estate commission Marketing fees Lender's fees Staging fees
VIC 1.6 - %-2.5% $500 - $2000 $100 - $1500 $2000 - $8000 depending on the duration and size of the property
NSW 1.8% - 2.5% $600 - $2000 $150 - $1500 $2000 - $8000 depending on the duration and size of the property
QLD 5% on the first $18,000 then 2.5% $600 - $2000 $150 - $1500 $2000 - $8000 depending on the duration and size of the property
WA 2.44% - 3.25% $400 - $1000 $150 - $1500 $2000 - $8000 depending on the duration and size of the property
ACT 2.5% - 4% $100 - $800 $150 - $1500 $2000 - $8000 depending on the duration and size of the property
SA 2% - 2.75% $500 - $1000 $150 - $1500 $2000 - $8000 depending on the duration and size of the property
TAS ~3.25% $400 - $800 $150 - $1500 $2000 - $8000 depending on the duration and size of the property

Upside = no-commission NSW real estate agent

At Upside, we’re not your typical NSW real estate agent. Our experienced property agents provide everything you’d expect from a real estate agency – including marketing, auction management, buyer negotiation, and more – but we never charge a commission on our services. Instead, we charge an all-inclusive fixed fee (no matter how much you sell for) which is payable at settlement.

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