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Upside Careers

We empower you to
be the best agent
you can be.

By working smarter, not harder, you can earn more and have a better work life balance.
Our Purpose

To make real estate better for everyone

Upside's vision is to be the standout real estate company of choice for agents and their clients. But we want to get there with integrity, so we do things a little differently. Why? Because when vendors pay less but make more, agents salaries increase and the business is sustainable, everyone wins.


We don't compete, we collaborate. It gets better results for our customers and more success for us. It's all upside.


We've built a technology platform that allows for complete transparency, so we all know where we stand.


Our experienced agents believe that being honest and ethical is more important than simply closing the sale.
Upside agents group photo Upside agents group photo
Our Business Model

The way real estate should be

We're focused on making real estate the best it can be. We achieve this by investing in our people, and providing them with the best support as well as a state-of-the-art technology platform. By developing better agents who are backed by a HQ who does all the heavy lifting (invoices, lead generation, admin work), and cutting unnecessary overheads such as an office, we can charge vendors less while our agents focus on giving them a great experience.
Upside agent Donna Catt using the NurtureCloud platform

Investing in People

Whilst many make this promise, we make sure we follow it through. At Upside you are surrounded by people and processes designed purely to drive your success. On top of this we provide you with a mentor who is incentivised to make you better, not compete with you for business.
Stop fighting your principal for listings
Upside tech platform on multiple devices

Tech Platform

Upside tech was built from the ground up to make you more efficient. We save you time by automating and streamlining admin tasks and improve your conversion rate by optimising the way you interact with your clients and database.
Cut your admin by 75%
Upside customer experience and support at work

Support and Service

An agent shouldn't have to be an expert in copywriting, marketing, administration etc. to be successful. We have built an expert team behind you so you can drop the repetitive tasks and focus on what you are good at, listing and selling houses.
Feel the weight of a team behind you
Upside's tech and marketing platforms for nurturing leads

Database Nurturing

Every lead has a different journey — we make sure you remain top of their mind at all times. Combining technology, content, and best–in–class marketing, we nurture your database, build your personal brand, and surface warm leads from deep within your database to complement your communications with current prospects.
We take care of it for you
Case Studies

Take a little peak at our superstars

We take the country's best agents and layer our tech, marketing, mentoring and support on top to take them to the next level.
Our top priority is making you a better agent.
  • Catherine Halloran
    North Canberra, ACT
    2020 results
    2020 results

    Upside gives me a flexible working environment

    As a single mother with 3 kids, I love that Upside allows me to plan my work around family demands. The focus Upside puts on generating leads to compliment your usual prospecting is also a huge help in reducing income uncertainty.
  • Harry Karl
    Western Sydney, NSW
    First 5 months
    First 5 months

    More time to spend on what I love, selling houses!

    All the support I receive from the HQ, combined with the great technology platform and a mentor who is always available to help means I can dedicate all my time to providing my clients with the best possible service.
  • Paul Brown
    Mornington Peninsula, VIC
    First 12 months
    First 12 months

    A culture that benefits me and my clients

    Since coming across to Upside I have found both the culture and the focus on customer service has been a real game changer for me; this is combined with the latest cutting-edge tech which helps my clients enjoy a smooth and transparent property transaction.
Upside Growth

Our Recent Hires

We are excited to introduce you to some of Upside's newest agents. Upside is focused on making sure new hires can hit the ground running, including a week of training and mentoring in our Sydney HQ to kick off your time at Upside. We are always looking to bring in top agents from around the country and would love to talk to you about adding you below.
  • Upside agent Jodi Shore
    Browns Plains
    Jodi Shore
  • Upside agent Nik Sidhu
    Nik Sidhu
  • Upside agent Adam El Adam
    Adam El Adam
  • Upside agent Michael Zhao
    West Brisbane
    Michael Zhao
  • Upside agent Anthony Perera
    Taylors Lakes
    Anthony Perera
  • Upside agent Matt Scoble
    Matt Scoble
  • Upside agent Phil Ghent
    Phil Ghent
  • Upside agent Vicky Hsieh
    Vicky Hsieh
  • Upside agent Roberta de la Torre
    Geelong and Surf Coast
    Roberta de la Torre
  • Upside agent Darren McMillen
    Darren McMillen
Upside Mentors

Meet our mentors

Our team of mentors have decades of experience in the real estate industry, and share the belief that agents shouldn't be competing with their principal for listings. In fact, at Upside they don't list or sell at all! Their main aim is to work with you to understand your career goals, and help put you on the fast track to achieving them.
  • Matthew Florance

    VIC Mentor
  • Byron Selling

    NSW, ACT & QLD Mentor

Frequently asked questions

Not only are there no fees, we also invest in our agents through marketing, training, support and more.
Upside agents utilise industry leading technology NurtureCloud to manage everything from prospecting through to listing. Our agents have access to this technology at no cost.
We provide area exclusivity to our agents along with access to leads in their area from our database of over 200,000 Australians. We are constantly working with our agents to decide how areas are split to map out coverage and ensure our agents are collaborating rather than competing.
There are no fees associated with our marketing. We have an in-house marketing team that generates leads for you and nurtures your database across emails, Google, Facebook, Instagram and more. Stay top of mind, build your brand and keep your database informed without having to lift a finger or spend a dollar.
We provide a Performance Mentor whose main purpose is to help and support you throughout your time at Upside, not compete with you for leads. We also provide training materials and frequently run industry masterclasses to keep you at the top of your game. You will also be backed by a support team who will handle your admin, troubleshoot any issues and just make your life easier!
We have employed a commission-only structure with a high split commission fee for our agents. To hear about our commission structure in more detail, please get in touch with us.
Like most agents, our agents build leads from open homes and the relationships they form as they work within their community, however at Upside, our in-house marketing team also generates daily leads for all our agents from a variety of digital sources. The leads generated by the marketing team are designed to be additional leads on top of the hard work agents already put into prospecting. This helps Upside agents accelerate their database growth, list more properties and achieve personal milestones.

Gone are the days when the front window of a real estate office was the only way to find out about properties for sale. These days, the property search is done online and most people go through the entire transaction of buying and selling without ever stepping foot inside an office.

To us, a physical office is an inefficient overhead (like rent) that needs to be covered through the vendor and out of your commission. So, we have removed this entirely, meaning we can charge our vendors less without negatively impacting what our agents earn. Don't worry, we carry out a host of different marketing activities to ensure that our agents have no trouble finding new people to talk to and new properties to list.

That's right! All of our agents have a non-competing mentor/performance coach who provides them with support, training and guidance when they need it, at no cost. This can be anything from on-the-ground help such as dialogue training, help at an auction or dealing with a difficult vendor/buyer, all the way through to more profession-focused mentoring, such as career growth or work motivation. Some of our agents really lean into this and have several check-ins with their mentor a week, whilst others may check in less regularly, utilising their mentor for help with their career trajectory and assistance with specific situations as they arise.

The feedback we regularly receive from our agents is that Upside has the best culture they have ever experienced in the industry. We achieve this through a mixture of an award-winning support team, a collaborative rather than competitive culture, and genuinely lived company values in addition to a transparent and accessible leadership team.

Not only do you have access to your personal mentor, you'll also be backed by a support team at HQ who are dedicated to helping you get up and running. They will also troubleshoot any issues you may have along the way, as well as provide admin support throughout the selling process of every listing you have. In fact, we have cut down admin by 75% for our agents through our team and technology!

We don't work out of an office, so we put a lot of effort into making sure our agents feel connected through regular catch ups, sharing sessions and team social events. We also make sure our agents don't compete directly with each other over the areas they service. Upside fosters a culture that encourages knowledge sharing and the celebration of individual success as it doesn't come at the detriment of another agent (as can be the case in a traditional office environment).

At Upside we truly live and breathe our company values. They help to shape not only the way that we work, but also who we hire. We have two sets of values. The Company Values are:

  • Truly Care: We always go about our work by truly caring for our teammates and our customers. We do it with authenticity - because we want to!
  • Believe in Integrity: We believe that by acting with integrity, the outcomes are always better for everyone, especially our customers. That's why we make sure we're always operating with integrity in everything we do - inside the 'office' and out!
  • Pinch Yourself and Be Present: Life can get pretty busy - but we make sure we don't forget to stop, be present, and enjoy every moment of each milestone - no matter how small!

We also have Sales Values that form the foundation on which our agents work. These are:

  • Better Humans make Better Agents: We encourage our agents to always be real - and only say and do the things that they actually believe! We think that staying authentic helps shape better agents, so if they ever run into any issues or things they don't know - they should ask.
  • A.B.E (Always Be Educating): We take a different approach to the industry-old adage 'Always Be Selling'. We strongly believe that knowledge is power - and it is therefore integral to everything we do. This means our agents strive for continuous improvement within themselves (and we help you get there with coaching and masterclasses), always learning and finding ways to give value to their vendors by studying the market. We understand that buyers are our sellers, and sellers are also our buyers - and we can help them all in their property journey by using facts, not opinions. Educate and give value - and the sale will naturally follow.
  • Play to Win: At Upside, we believe that if you win, the team wins too! So, we encourage you to never let an opportunity pass you, and always support you to go hard but play fair. As a team, we celebrate all wins, no matter how small.

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