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Upside Careers

We empower you to
be the best agent
you can be.

By working smarter, not harder, you can earn more and have a better work life balance.
Our Purpose

To make real estate better for everyone

Upside's vision is to be the standout real estate company of choice for agents and their clients. But we want to get there with integrity, so we do things a little differently. Why? Because when vendors pay less but make more, agents salaries increase and the business is sustainable, everyone wins.


We don't compete, we collaborate. It gets better results for our customers and more success for us. It's all upside.


We've built a technology platform that allows for complete transparency, so we all know where we stand.


Our experienced agents believe that being honest and ethical is more important than simply closing the sale.
Upside agents at motivational conference with speaker Tom Panos Upside agents at motivational conference with speaker Tom Panos
Our Business Model

The way real estate should be

We're focused on making real estate the best it can be. We achieve this by investing in our people, and providing them with the best support as well as a state-of-the-art technology platform. By developing better agents who are backed by a HQ who does all the heavy lifting (invoices, lead generation, admin work), and cutting unnecessary overheads such as an office, we can charge vendors less while our agents focus on giving them a great experience.
Happy Upside agent Rebecca Tso

Investing in people

Whilst many make this promise, we make sure we follow it through. At Upside you are surrounded by people and processes designed purely to drive your success. On top of this we provide you with a mentor who is incentivised to make you better, not compete with you for business.
Stop fighting your principal for listings
Upside tech platform on multiple devices

Tech platform

Upside tech was built from the ground up to make you more efficient. We save you time by automating and streamlining admin tasks and improve your conversion rate by optimising the way you interact with your clients and database.
Cut your admin by 75%
Upside customer experience and support at work

Support and service

An agent shouldn't have to be an expert in copywriting, marketing, administration etc. to be successful. We have built an expert team behind you so you can drop the repetitive tasks and focus on what you are good at, listing and selling houses.
Feel the weight of a team behind you
Customised professional marketing material for Upside agents


Stop paying for your marketing and a team to manage it. Not only do we provide you with a stream of new leads, we also nurture your database and promote you within the community across Facebook, Google, Instagram and more. Did we mention it's free?
We take care of it for you
Case Studies

Take a little peak at our superstars

We take the country's best agents and layer our tech, marketing, mentoring and support on top to take them to the next level.
Our top priority is making you a better agent.
  • Robert Talevski
    Melbourne West, VIC
    For Sale
    First 6 months
    First 6 months

    I love working at Upside

    The business supports me by giving me the flexibility I need around my work schedule, and I'm equipped with everything I need to earn more than at any other previous agency. The support dedicated to the agents allows me to spend more time helping my clients get the best outcome. We're all here to help each other achieve our goals.
  • Catherine Halloran
    North Canberra, ACT
    For Sale
    Spring results
    Spring results

    Upside gives me a flexible working environment

    As a single mother with 3 kids, I love that Upside allows me to plan my work around family demands. The focus Upside puts on generating leads to compliment your usual prospecting is also a huge help in reducing income uncertainty.
  • Jake Johnson
    Whittlesea, VIC
    For Sale
    Spring results
    Spring results

    The support that agents receive at Upside is first class!

    All of the reporting, administration and marketing gets managed by our support team, giving me more time to list and sell. I also love the work-life balance that Upside offers. It's so different to working at a traditional agency; I get to spend much more time with my family now.

Spring Hires

In the last 3 months, 13 new agents have joined the Upside team in NSW, VIC and QLD. Since September, they have listed 51 properties between them. Upside is focused on making sure new hires can hit the ground running.
Upside agent Jay Roadley
Geelong, VIC
Jay Roadley
Joined Upside Nov 19
Upside agent Gee Adams
Port Macquarie, NSW
Gee Adams
Joined Upside Nov 19
Upside agent Alex Portnov
Eastern Suburbs, NSW
Alex Portnov
Joined Upside Nov 19
Upside agent Louise Barwick
Central Coast, NSW
Louise Barwick
Joined Upside Nov 19
Upside agent Alice Wong
Port Macquarie, NSW
Alice Wong
Joined Upside Oct 19
Upside agent Jack Anderson
Coffs Harbour, NSW
Jack Anderson
Joined Upside Oct 19
Upside agent Priscilla Asi
Melton, VIC
Priscilla Asi
Joined Upside Oct 19
Upside agent Nathan (Nghia) Chu
Brimbank, VIC
Nathan (Nghia) Chu
Joined Upside Oct 19
Upside agent James Davis
Banyule, VIC
James Davis
Joined Upside Sep 19
Upside agent Don Peters
Frankston, VIC
Don Peters
Joined Upside Sep 19
Upside agent Peter Williams
Southern Highlands, NSW
Peter Williams
Joined Upside Sep 19
Upside agent Charlotte Conroy
Gold Coast, QLD
Charlotte Conroy
Joined Upside Sep 19
Upside agent Ken Heikkinen
Southern Highlands, NSW
Ken Heikkinen
Joined Upside Sep 19
Upside Mentors

Meet our mentors

Our team of mentors have decades of experience in the real estate industry, and share the belief that agents shouldn't be competing with their principal for listings. In fact, at Upside they don't list or sell at all! Their main aim is to work with you to understand your career goals, and help put you on the fast track to achieving them.
  • Marco Fiorucci
    Mentor for 9 agents in VIC
    Marco prides himself on his ability to develop and coach his team through leading by example. His background in the real estate industry as well as self-employment spans fifteen plus years of experience in sales, customer service and leadership. He credits much of his personal and professional success to having lived in many different countries. These experiences also form the foundation for most of his life lessons.
  • Clint Payne
    Mentor for 5 agents in VIC
    Clint has been a sales manager for over 20 years, managing and mentoring large and small teams, with five of those in real estate. Successfully running an office - Ray White, Beaumaris - means Clint brings a wealth of knowledge regarding training, listing and buyer negotiation to the agents he mentors.
  • Josh Wygoda
    Mentor for 11 agents in NSW
    Josh has worked in real estate for 23 years across a variety of businesses, including owning / running a Ray White office. Over the years, Josh has worked alongside some of the highest performing agents in Sydney, and served as a mentor at McGrath for four years. By joining Upside in April 2018, Josh was able to shift his entire focus to coaching and helping agents achieve their natural best.
  • Matthew Florance
    Mentor for 7 agents in VIC
    An industry thought leader and experienced coach / mentor, Matthew has worked in the real estate industry for over 25 years. During this time Matthew has operated his own real estate franchise and worked as both an auctioneer and auction coach. Matthew is passionate about helping people and assisting agents in taking their careers to the next level.
  • Cameron Scott
    Mentor for 8 agents in NSW
    Cameron brings a diverse skill set in helping agents achieve their full potential. Prior to coaching, Cameron was in the top five per cent of LJ Hooker agents, and awarded 'Elite Agent' whilst at Ray White. Prior to real estate Cameron had a successful career as a Certified Financial Adviser and Director of chartered accounting firm Forsyths.
  • Melissa Baker
    Mentor for 5 agents in QLD
    With 15 years' experience in residential real estate and 10 years in leadership, Melissa takes a very proactive approach to coaching and mentoring her team of agents. She aims to motivate and inspire individuals to achieve their goals, maximise their output and reach their full potential every day.

Wanna grab a cuppa or a beer?

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Our Sales Conference

Power of You 2020

Upside's annual sales conference is a fantastic all-agent event where everyone comes together to socialise, be inspired, plan for the year ahead and have some fun. Our 2020 event is all about the 'Power of You' - focused on how agents can take their careers, and Upside, to the next level.

Kickoff Sales Conference with Tom Panos

Watch the highlights from our 2019 kickoff sales conference in Melbourne with leading Real estate coach Tom Panos.

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