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Our new full fee offer. Earn more with Upside.

No hidden costs
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Keep 75%
of total commission (GCI)
Commission paid on exchange
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No setup fee | No listings fee | No tech fee | No admin fee

Spend more time being dollar productive while we do all the busy work for your business

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Upside admin and supportUpside admin and support
Services Included

Your own campaign management team

A full back office team covering the entire sale process, not just 'support'
Picture a world where you or your team make a listing in our NurtureCloud tech, and it immediately sets into motion a real team of back office staff to do whatever it is you need, leaving you to concentrate on what matters. When others say they provide 'support' they often mean troubleshooting your tech issues. Support at Upside means a full back office that does all your admin work for you. 75%+ of your admin disappears overnight!

Campaign Management

  • All admin related vendor contact
  • Copywriting
  • Booking and liaising with photographers
  • Supplier management
  • Full remote settlement process
  • Listing portal admin
  • Managing listing marketing collateral
  • Booking auctioneer
  • All invoicing
  • Price change admin
And more

Virtual Personal Assistant

  • 24/7 support number
  • Database upload
  • Auto replenishment of print marketing materials
  • Management of industry accreditation
  • Portal and Review auditing
  • Trust accounting
  • HR support
  • CPD training
And more
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Upside agent on the phoneUpside agent on the phone
Upside's award for REB Awards 2022 for innovator of the year

Industry Leading Technology

All the technology, tools and subscriptions you need
All Upside agents get free access to industry-leading, AI driven CRM technology NurtureCloud. NurtureCloud simplifies the entire sales process, providing you with exclusive insights about you and your team that will accelerate business performance through the use of never before seen prospecting tools. Powered by AI and refined with effortless simplicity specifically for agent use, our CRM system is fully remote and accessible across mobile and desktop. It's no wonder Upside was awarded REB's Innovator of the Year in 2022!

NurtureCloud CRM

  • AI driven 'Smart Call Lists'
  • Data driven conversation starters
  • Simplify entire sales process
  • Vendor Portal
  • Performance Reporting
  • CoreLogic integration
  • Domain integration
And more

Tools and Subscriptions

  • REA
  • Domain
  • Rate my agent
  • Google suite
  • Laptop
  • Phone
  • CoreLogic
And more

Upside's Tech Partners

NurtureCloud revolutionises prospecting, nurturing and sales management for you

Not just another next generation 'tool', NurtureCloud is award winning end-to-end software that will simplify and revolutionise the way you work. Industry leading AI means you'll always talk to the right person at the right time, plus get new insights into how you work with best-in-class reporting.

NurtureCloud is currently exclusive to:

  • Upside
  • RayWhite
Demonstration of the NurtureCloud platform working across multiple devices
Upside provided marketing materialsUpside provided marketing materials
Services Included


We don't just 'help you with marketing', we do your marketing
Agents aren't marketing specialists, and they shouldn’t have to be. Nor should you need to hire a marketing specialist when your team could be focused on being dollar productive instead. At no extra cost to you, Upside have an in-house marketing team made up of the best from various industries who do the digital marketing for you. This includes social media, email and even google search campaigns to promote you and generate you more business.

Personal Marketing

  • Multiple personalised nurturing emails per week
  • Paid social advertising promoting you
  • Google advertising
  • Ebooks, articles and insights
  • Lead generation (only pay on success)
And more

Marketing Collateral

  • Branding
  • Business cards
  • Brochures
  • Letterbox drops
  • Personal webpage + online bookings
  • Listing presentations
And more
Pay only 10% GCI
Half the industry standard.
Only paid on successful sales.
Established national database with 100s of warm leads in your local area
Grow your business with our leads & database
Sit back while we generate your leads

43% of all of Upside sales come from leads generated by our in-house marketing team.

We already have a large national database of buyers and sellers that is constantly growing. You will have access to this pool within your local area and be able to watch as it grows.

This is a free service and you only pay if you sell any property from a lead generated from our marketing team or from our database. This simply incurs an additional 10% commission fee and is only paid on success.

No risk for you, just Upside!
Upside agents group photoUpside agents group photo
Services Included

Support and culture

We invest in our people so you can grow your business
At Upside we don't compete; we collaborate and while we help drive our agents to be as successful as possible, we never put results ahead of all else. Our agents love the support and camaraderie they get from other agents, HQ and their non-competing performance coach who mentors them to hit their goals. One of the biggest aspirations for Upside agents is likely the Summit Club, an exclusive club for our top performers with benefits which include a yearly all expenses paid trip (partners included).


  • Full listing admin management
  • Training on tech, tools and processes
  • Performance coaching and education
  • Non-competing Coaches/Mentors
  • Tech support and regular CRM updates
And more


  • Collaborative Culture
  • Summit Club trip and benefits
  • Equity opportunity
  • Yearly conference
  • Social events
  • Sales competitions
And more
See what it's like to work at Upside as a real estate agent
See how much more your business could be earning at Upside

Frequently Asked Questions

Becoming an Upside agent

Want to become an Upside agent and work for Upside? Find out more about a career at Upside and all the benefits here.

We've made the process of our business model simple with no hidden costs, and no need for 'add-ons'. There are no set up fees, no listing fees, no tech fees and no admin fees.

You will only ever pay a 10% commission if you sell any property from a lead generated from our marketing team or from our database. No risk for you - only upside.

We have employed a high split commission fee. For business owners, keep 75% of total commission (GCI). Your commission is paid on exchange - with no other hidden costs! To hear about our commission structure in more detail, please get in touch with us, or see for yourself how much your business could be earning at Upside.

We are constantly working with our agents to decide how areas are split to map out coverage and ensure our agents are collaborating rather than competing.
Upside allows full fee flexibility. At Upside we allow our agents to work out what best suits their local market. Our agents do have the benefit of having the best vendor technology experience and get great results for our vendors so they do not have to compete on price.

Agent inclusions and support

Upside agents utilise industry leading technology NurtureCloud to manage everything from prospecting through to listing. Our agents have access to this technology at no cost.

We have an in-house marketing team that generates leads for you and nurtures your database across emails, Google, Facebook, Instagram and more. Stay top of mind, build your brand and keep your database informed without having to lift a finger or do any marketing yourself.

You will only ever pay a 10% commission if you sell any property from a lead generated from our marketing team or from our database - paid only upon success.

We provide a Performance Mentor whose main purpose is to help and support you throughout your time at Upside, not compete with you for leads. We also provide training materials and frequently run industry masterclasses to keep you at the top of your game. You will also be backed by a support team who will handle your admin, troubleshoot any issues and just make your life easier!
Like most agents, our agents build leads from open homes and the relationships they form as they work within their community, however at Upside, our in-house marketing team also generates daily leads for all our agents from a variety of digital sources. The leads generated by the marketing team are designed to be additional leads on top of the hard work agents already put into prospecting. This helps Upside agents accelerate their database growth, list more properties and achieve personal milestones.

Gone are the days when the front window of a real estate office was the only way to find out about properties for sale. These days, the property search is done online and most people go through the entire transaction of buying and selling without ever stepping foot inside an office.

To us, a physical office is an inefficient overhead (like rent) that needs to be covered through the vendor and out of your commission. So, we have removed this entirely so we can avoid negatively impacting what our agents earn. Don't worry, we carry out a host of different marketing activities to ensure that our agents have no trouble finding new people to talk to and new properties to list.

Upside culture

That's right! All of our agents have a non-competing mentor/performance coach who provides them with support, training and guidance when they need it, at no cost. This can be anything from on-the-ground help such as dialogue training, help at an auction or dealing with a difficult vendor/buyer, all the way through to more profession-focused mentoring, such as career growth or work motivation. Some of our agents really lean into this and have several check-ins with their mentor a week, whilst others may check in less regularly, utilising their mentor for help with their career trajectory and assistance with specific situations as they arise.

The feedback we regularly receive from our agents is that Upside has the best culture they have ever experienced in the industry. We achieve this through a mixture of an award-winning support team, a collaborative rather than competitive culture, and genuinely lived company values in addition to a transparent and accessible leadership team.

Not only do you have access to your personal mentor, you'll also be backed by a support team at HQ who are dedicated to helping you get up and running. They will also troubleshoot any issues you may have along the way, as well as provide admin support throughout the selling process of every listing you have. In fact, we have cut down admin by 75% for our agents through our team and technology!

We don't work out of an office, so we put a lot of effort into making sure our agents feel connected through regular catch ups, sharing sessions and team social events. We also make sure our agents don't compete directly with each other over the areas they service. Upside fosters a culture that encourages knowledge sharing and the celebration of individual success as it doesn't come at the detriment of another agent (as can be the case in a traditional office environment).

At Upside we truly live and breathe our company values. They help to shape not only the way that we work, but also who we hire. We have two sets of values. The Company Values are:

  • Truly Care: We always go about our work by truly caring for our teammates and our customers. We do it with authenticity - because we want to!
  • Believe in Integrity: We believe that by acting with integrity, the outcomes are always better for everyone, especially our customers. That's why we make sure we're always operating with integrity in everything we do - inside the 'office' and out!
  • Pinch Yourself and Be Present: Life can get pretty busy - but we make sure we don't forget to stop, be present, and enjoy every moment of each milestone - no matter how small!

We also have Sales Values that form the foundation on which our agents work. These are:

  • Better Humans make Better Agents: We encourage our agents to always be real - and only say and do the things that they actually believe! We think that staying authentic helps shape better agents, so if they ever run into any issues or things they don't know - they should ask.
  • A.B.E (Always Be Educating): We take a different approach to the industry-old adage 'Always Be Selling'. We strongly believe that knowledge is power - and it is therefore integral to everything we do. This means our agents strive for continuous improvement within themselves (and we help you get there with coaching and masterclasses), always learning and finding ways to give value to their vendors by studying the market. We understand that buyers are our sellers, and sellers are also our buyers - and we can help them all in their property journey by using facts, not opinions. Educate and give value - and the sale will naturally follow.
  • Play to Win: At Upside, we believe that if you win, the team wins too! So, we encourage you to never let an opportunity pass you, and always support you to go hard but play fair. As a team, we celebrate all wins, no matter how small.
Upside's award for REB Awards 2022 for innovator of the yearUpside's RateMyAgent 2022 award for suburb agency of the year

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