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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is Upside?

We’re a brand new Australian owned and operated fixed fee Real Estate Agency. We provide everything you would expect from a real estate agent, plus much more. Our fixed rate is affordable because we keep our overheads low, so your savings are high.

How much does it cost?

Our fixed fee is $7,500 and an extra $1,000 if you choose to auction your property. You pay an engagement fee of $1,900 when you sign with us, but that’s it. You only pay the balance when we successfully sell your home. There’s also no hidden costs for marketing or open homes.

Why is it so cheap?

At Upside, we offer a full agent managed service just as you would expect from regular real estate agencies but for a fraction of the cost. All administration and marketing tasks are completed from a centralised office, keeping the overhead costs to a minimum. We pass these cost savings to you so you can make more of the sale of your property.

What's Included

What services do I receive?

You’ll be assigned a real estate agent who specialises in your area. Your dedicated agent and their support team will be with you for every step of the sale process, from your property appraisal to preparing your home for sale. This includes developing advertising materials, running open homes, negotiating with potential buyers and most importantly, the sale. Your package also includes professional photography, brochures and signage, along with advertising on, and our website

Does the $7500 fee include advertising?

Yes, all advertising is included in the cost.

How much does it cost if I want you to auction my property?

We charge an additional $1,000 for an auction, so a total of $8,500.

Will I have to conduct the open inspections myself or will my agent do this?

We will handle your open inspections on your behalf just like a traditional agent. It allows us to get a feel for the market and engage with all interested parties on your behalf.

Selling your home

How do I know your agents are motivated to get the best price for me if you don't charge commission on the sale price?

Unlike traditional agencies, our agents are paid a salary. This means that you can count on their negotiation advice to be unbiased. When most traditional agents encourage their vendors to accept an offer it's possible they are doing so because they need the sale to earn an income. We don’t need to sell your home at any cost. We’re determined to ensure we achieve an outstanding result for you.

Unlike other fixed fee or DIY solutions, our agents are also incentivised to get a great result for you because Upside rewards them through bonuses over and above their salary. Upside agents’ bonuses are influenced by your result, so if there’s more upside for you, there’s more upside for us.

Do you expect me to do the running around organizing the signage/ads/contracts etc? Is that how your prices are so low?

Not at all. We do the majority of the leg work for you. Apart from a signing off on a few steps and signing contracts online, pretty much everything else is taken care of!

How long does the process take from me signing with you to having the property advertised and ready to start showing?

Firstly, your agent will arrange a time to meet and provide you with an appraisal, along with an independent valuation. We then arrange for a photographer to come to your home and complete a photoshoot at a time that suits you. Our professional copywriters will also get started on the perfect description of your property. The timeframe for this part of the process mainly depends on your availability.

Based on our experience, it’s possible to have your property advertised and ready to show within 2 weeks of signing with us.

How experienced are your Agents?

Each one of our talented agents bring a broad range of experience to Upside. They were selected to join the team based on their proven ability to get results. They work for a Sales Director who has vast industry experience and a proven track record. They are also really lovely people!

Getting started & costs

How do I organise an appraisal?

To arrange a free appraisal with an experienced real estate agent click here.

How much does selling cost?

You pay an engagement fee of $1,900 upfront and the balance of $5,600 is payable only when you sell your home. Advertising and open homes are all included in the fixed price. If you choose to sell by auction we charge an additional $1,000, so a total of $8,500.

What if my house doesn't sell? Do I still have to pay the outsanding balance?

No. If we don’t sell your home for you, you aren’t required to pay the outstanding balance.

Once I sign, how available will my Upside agent be to me?

As much as is humanly possible. Outside of which we have a 24/7 support team and unique online platform to help you with any queries you have during your campaign.

Other Questions

How can I keep up to date with the sale progress?

Our online platform gives you a real-time view of buyer interest, enquiries and offers. At the same time, we will send you regular reminders with checklists, tips and tricks from our stylists, to help you prepare your property for open homes, and to keep it looking perfect during those all-important showings.

Do I have a say in the marketing?

Of course. Once all marketing material has been finalised, you’ll be able to review and approve or request any changes.

Where are your offices located?

All our Agents are mobile and will come to you for any meetings you require, otherwise our headquarters are in Sydney. This is one of the ways we keep our overheads low, so we can make your savings high.

Are you looking to sell a property?

  • Dedicated local estate agent
  • Low fixed-fee $7,500
  • All advertisements included