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The ultimate guide to selling or buying a property

Download our ultimate guide to buying and selling property and get insider advice on how you can still achieve the best price possible amidst the changes to the market.

What's included
in the guide?

Get advice on what's changed in the Australian property market for buyers and sellers and ease the concerns that may go through your mind if you're still looking to get on the market. This is our essential property sellers guide with an addition to help you navigate the impact of COVID-19 on the real estate industry.

Happy family moving in to their new house

Planning to sell your home? You may be wondering:

What are the ongoing impacts of COVID-19 on real estate activities?

Find out everything you need to know about selling safely during COVID-19.

How to avoid costly mistakes and get the right price for your home

These common mistakes can cost you thousands of dollars when selling a house.
Man sealing cardboard box

How to sell your home during difficult times

The current climate doesn't mean you can't sell your home for a good price. In fact, the lack of competition can work to your advantage — provided you know how to make your home stand out.

What repairs do I need to make to my home?

Get industry insider tips to help you focus on what's important — and what home improvements should you be making right now to attract the right buyers.
Upside real estate agent standing in front of sold property

How long will it actually take to sell my home?

The timeline to selling your home can be confusing, but we provide you with a timeline so you know exactly what to expect... and when!

How do I select the right real estate agent?

We reveal the actual questions to ask that will help you find the right agent to sell your property, including price, advertising and more.

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