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Estimated value range

You’ll receive an estimated value range for your property, similar to what you’d get from a bank or financial institution valuation. This is generally conservative and may not represent your property’s current market value, but will give you a rough idea of what your property is worth.

Comparable sales

Your property report will also include comparable sales. Looking at the recent sale price of similar properties in your local area is another way to help determine the value of your property. This is particularly useful if their is little or no sales history for your property.

Exact value estimate

If you’d like a more accurate value estimate of your property you’ll be prompted to complete your Upside account registration by simply creating a password. You will then see a single value estimate, rather than a broad range.

Free appraisal

While the online report is a great way to get a quick estimate, it doesn't take into account your property's key features nor any recent renovations you may have completed. Book a time to meet with an Upside agent for an appraisal of your property.